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About Us

India is a country where people enjoy visiting their friends, family and relatives’ home. It was during one of these visits that the idea of building the Zbior germinated.

We found that people are living in their house but they are not enjoying it. The main reason that we could relate to was the overall ambience and the décor which was not in sync and hence, the house could never become home.

Making our home look beautiful had always been my passion and wanted every home to look beautiful and enjoyable, in their own unique way. The Zbior is the medium to make that happen. We have handpicked some amazing, great quality, long lasting products only for you which will add that icing on the cake and upgrade the aesthetic of your home.

You will be able to find almost all essential home décor products on the Zbior at competitive prices so that you don’t think about your pocket and just fulfil your desire of living in a beautiful home.

The Zbior द इज़बिओर is a polish word which means unique collection. It’s our Promise that every single product that you purchase will bring in that priceless smile on your face and that is what our true reward for all the hard work will be….



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